Through the acquisition of European Union funding we implement various sport and education projects. We are ready to cooperate and get involved as partners in similar projects.

Regional Youth Initiative for Football Development in Baltic`s

  • Regional Youth Initiative for Football Development in Baltic`s

In 2018, the European Commission’s Education, Audiovisual and Cultural Executive Agency have decided to select our application to the Erasmus+ Sports fund and to support the small collaborative partnership lead by “Baltic Football School” (Latvia).

Project shall be implemented together with our partners FC ELVA (Estonia) (“MTÜ Jalgpalliklubi FC Elva), SIAULIAI FA (VŠI FUTBOLO AKADEMIJA “ŠIAULIAI”) and Valmiera Glass VIA/Valmiera FC (BiedrÄ«ba “Valmieras futbola klubs”).

“Regional Youth initiative for Football Development in Baltic’s” (RYFDB) project idea is to use existing network channels of BFS and their partner organizations in Baltic’s, Europe and worldwide to develop Roadmap as source of improvement for existing training methodologies in regions represented by project partner organizations with particular attention to health and safety of young athletes. RYFDB Project will promote and support awareness and practical experience with regards to health and safety aspects importance in the everyday training process, tournaments as well as during “out of training” activities. The project will address particular issues relevant to all target groups involved – young athletes, parents and for some extent coaches. Regional project coverage includes all three Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) with particular attention to the small city and regional clubs in these countries. The initiative is targeted to encourage revision of existing training methodologies supplementing them with issues related to health, trauma prophylaxis, basics of nutrition, sleep regime during intense load conditions.

The project will start in 2019 and will include several meetings and seminars in all three Baltic countries as well as final outcomes available for all.

RYFDB Inaugural Meeting

  • RYFDB Inaugural Meeting

Today - 10.01.2019 - in Valmiera, Latvia inaugural meeting took place where all involved parties were represented to discuss project details.

The focus of the first meeting was set on preparation and collection of information for key issues necessary to achieve specific goals set out in the project.

Involved parties discussed timetable and scope of the project and the impact it will have on the youth football development within Baltic States as well as sharing examples of best practice experience both locally and internationally.

Meeting was attended by BFS representatives Dz. Kazaks and U. Kaknens, Siaulai FA representatives D. Kancelskis and R. Mockiene, FC Elva representatives M. Naaris and L. Nurme and Valmiera Glass VIA representative U. Pucitis.

RYFDB Three Month Progress Update

  • RYFDB Three Month Progress Update
  • RYFDB Three Month Progress Update
  • RYFDB Three Month Progress Update
  • RYFDB Three Month Progress Update

“Regional Youth initiative for Football Development in Baltic’s” (RYFDB) is a project that is led by Baltic Football School and implemented together with its partners FC Elva (Estonia), Siauliai FA (Lithuania) and Valmiera Glass VIA/Valmiera FC (Latvia).

Following a successful kick-off of the project and inaugural meeting, all involved parties have had 3 months to begin implementing project activity plan

Through January aforementioned project partners conducted a research online about key project topics – health, trauma prophylaxis, basics of nutrition, sleep regime during intense load conditions, safety provisions and basics of international good practice with regards to training considering age of participant – that were later discussed, and ideas exchanged amongst all the involved parties.

Following the research and as a result of productive discussions project partners decided to develop questionnaires for both parents and kids to gain an insight and evaluate the current situation within their own football clubs.

Through February each of the project partners took developed questionnaires back to their own clubs and handed them out to various age group kids and their parents.

In March all these questionnaires were collected back from the involved individuals who took part.

Since then the work has begun to analyse the information gained and to better understand and evaluate current situation within each of the project partner organisations.

RYFDB update - May

  • RYFDB update - May
  • RYFDB update - May
  • RYFDB update - May

On May 11th project partner FC Elva hosted a 1-day seminar covering the following aspects of the Regional Youth initiative for Football Development in Baltic’s (RYFDB) project:

  • Information on international training praxis reviewed during the project preparatory action phase;
  • Survey campaign and preliminary results obtained via questionnaires in all three Baltic countries.

In the first part of the seminar project partner, Baltic Football School presented a summary on best practice examples such regarding training methodology considering health aspects such as University of Colorado Hospital study regarding “Hydration Tips for Exercise” or FIFA manual “A Warm-Up Programme For Preventing Injuries In Children`s Football” etc.

 In the second part of the seminar, project partners discussed the results of the survey made amongst young players and their parents in all three Baltic countries. In total 362 respondents have participated in a poll covering such project related aspects like the importance of warm up and warm down, understanding of basic nutrition, the significance of sleep and so on. Information on poll results shall be published on web pages of all project partners in the near future.